Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd, Spring Valley, Nairobi

Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese


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Bamboo at Zen Garden

The Bamboo restaurant is a fine dining restaurant offering fusion cuisine. Customers can enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, set in an elegant sophisticated atmosphere. The Bamboo Room, adjacent to the main restaurant comfortably sits up to 18 people, who can experience the wonders of the fusion menu and wine list in this private retreat.

Payment Options Cash, Credit Cards
Price Range High End
Open For Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Late Nights
Bar Full Bar
Childrens Facilities High Chairs, Childrens Activities, Childrens Menu
Smoking Smoking Area, Non Smoking Area
Parking Free Parking Lot
Wifi Free Wifi
Features Air Conditioning, Conference, Delivery, Disabled Access, Good for Large Groups, Outdoor Seating, Pets Allowed, Takeaway
  Lunch Dinner
Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 14:30 19:00 - 22:00
  • Mrs. Karen Nguru


    great place, great service and excellent food! i also like the convenience of the eatout services :-)

  • Mr. Dinesh Parekh


    We always enjoy the food at Zen Gardens. The service is also commendable. We would definitely visit Zen again and again.

  • Ms. Nazaaha Bhanji



  • Ms. Agnes Mwingi


    the ladies bathroom not a pretty site at all.

  • Mr. Tatic Dragan


    First of all, my experience with EatOut has been excellent.
    For Zen Garden where we booked table throufg EatOut last Sunda, while overall experience was good, we see some room for improvement.

  • Ms. Geeta Nanda


    They had finish the set menu limit.
    He had to do 4 set menu and make two big portion and served us.

  • Ms. Christine Mungai


    Ate here during Nairobi Restaurant Week 2014 so we had a reduced-price menu-- the normal prices are quite high! The food was great overall, just thought the portions were a bit small.

  • Mr. Njomo Mbugua


    Great food, though the potions were on the smaller side...good ambience, and I'm glad I booked a table because the place was packed!!! we enjoyed ourselves, and thank you Eat Out Kenya and Nairobi Restaurant Week for the opportunity to sample some of that good food...:)

  • Ms. Rohini Bij


    Hi there ..once we got there we were informed that the set menus were over..found it surprising as it was only in the second day running of the Nairobi restaurant week...
    I was really looking forward to trying the experience ...
    Unfortunately we didn't dine there and left the restaurant ..
    Please in the future you must inform the public that you are only giving a certain number of set menus..I found that very deceiving on your part and of Nairobi restaurant week team ..

    Regards Rohini

  • Ms. Hina Shah


    Sometimes the food is too sweet.....

  • Mr. Charles Kinyanjui


    The food was brilliant (I mean each bite was super) the service was excellent. The bathrooms need a permanent cleaner when guests are around. Plus they are squeezed.

  • Mrs. Frauke Ibe


    my request about table utside was either not passed on to or else ignored as our table was given to "friend of manager" We had to insist and complain. Food arrived in bits and took a long time

  • Mrs. Hetal Savla


    our waiter didnt know what the menu is. Secondly even if we booked via eat out our 10% disc didnt automatically apply and we didnt remember so we lost out on the disc so i feel there was no point in booking through eat out beczuse its like im begging for the disc to the restaurant. our veg sushi was smelling of fish which doesnt make sence to me. other food was good in taste.

  • Mr. Steve Davies


    Really nice meal. Drinks reasonably priced. Staff are very friendly, knowledgable and proactive in service. Coped very well even with large group of us (20+) We were served in our own private room.

  • Mr. Dr. Varma


    Every thing is good but most of the dishes are sweet. The waiters should be told to tell their clientele about that.

  • Ms. Ericsson Kenya c/o Evelyn muttai


    Did not use bathrooms

  • Mrs. Sejal Shah


    I\'m sorry to have to tell you this but we did not get our 10% discount for booking through eatout kenya.we realised it unfortunately when it was too late and had already left the restaurant.The restaurant should know that we booked and we should get a discount without remembering or asking for it.Would appreciate it if you could take it u with the restaurant.It was a rather large bill.

  • Mrs. Susan Kirigua


  • Mr. Okello Otieno


    No candles on the table, no hot towels before meals.

  • Mr. Yusuf


    Because of acoustics one gets echo of sounds
    2 waiters asked for drinks. The 2nd one did not know what the order placed by the first. Food is the best in town.

  • Mr. Daniel Gachathi


    Great experience, great hospitality, amazing ambience, loved it.

  • Mr. Natalie Roberts


    Always good service and food, and our experience on Saturday was again excellent. Well done Bamboo!

  • Mr. Gregory Kruse


    Always a pleasure to dine at Bamboo. What a great range of choices on the menu! And very consistent quality, too.

  • Mrs. Asa


    Bamboo never fails to deliver excellent food and service !

  • Mrs. Joan Tooth


    Zen is our favourite, and service was great.

  • Mr. Rene Berger


    Bathrooms are small. Dining area is somewhat loud, but service and food are great.

  • Mr. norbert krasensky


    great place for children too. and the complimentary flowers are a special treat

  • Ms. Wachuka Gichohi


    Great experience as always!

  • Mrs. Mona


    I enjoyed everything :)

  • Ms. Sara Moussavi


    We always love Bamboo, but this evening it was even more special as we took mom for her birthday, and the staff were really lovely. Thank you!

  • Mr. Mikul Shah


    Thank you for the roses.

  • Mr. Nishit Shah


    We had to ask for our discount, seems they were not very keen! Once booked through you they should be automatically allowing the discount. Otherwise the booking was done perfectly! Thanks Nishit

  • Ms. Robin Johnson


    Love the food. Wish the acoustics were better

  • Mr. Aasit Shah


    The food that day was really good actually excellent ..... but the service was pathetic for Bamboo! We had to ask for the menus once we were seated. There was 1 waiter standing around but we had to \'waive\'our hand for service. The person who served us had no idea about the veggie sushi platter. For a place like Zen we expect much better service .... our guests luckily were very happy with the food but the service they thought was very poor.

  • Mr. Taha Mohamedali


    We booked thru Eatout, which awarded us 10% off cash payment, but our Server did not take this off our bill. The Restaurant should note such things on their system as patrons are likely to forget, like ourselves.
    The dining room needs more sound absorbers, like fabric of some kind. It\'s too loud and the restaurant wasn\'t even at full capacity.

  • Mr. saheel shah


    great food as usual (veggie) especially the white magic sushi, which was a 1st time try.......

  • Mr. David Rogers


    You need more stones in the men\'s bathroom sink, or none at all; otherwise you\'re place is without flaws!

  • Ms. Shikha Kapoor


    Overall good experience!!!

  • Mr. Samir Shah


    A bit too noisy.
    Glasses not very clean and one had an insect crawling on the inside.
    Food good, though the vegetarian sushi tasted fishy - maybe should separate the fish from the vegetable ingredients and use separate knives, rolling mat, etc.



    the bathroom had flooded

  • Mrs. Natalie Roberts


    They didn\'t have my booking when I arrived so luckily it wasn\'t a busy night. Also, the staff turned off all the lights and started clearing away around 10pm - made us feel like we were being rushed out.

  • Mrs. Nkee Ezeh


    the zen tofu appetizer was great. The seasoning was not too intense. I thought the hot and sour chicken soup was very good because the veg in it was crispy and tasty. I did not sizzling beef. I found it too salty and not much else. The king prawns was also in a very salty sauce. The waiter seemed a bit confused as to what to bring with at what time. I didn\'t get a chance to see the bathrooms. Otherwise we had a good evening.

  • Mr. Chris Mensah


    Everything was superb as usual. Thanks for the reservation

  • Mr. Saheel Shah


    bamboo had closed by the time we got there. Its unfortunate given that Sunday was such a busy day so we went to Jade.
    Excellent food, good service but very busy.

  • Mr. Asesh Shah



  • Mr. Saheel Shah


    Food was great.

    service was poor - many waiters who looked busy but were not actually doing much.

    ambiance is great when the place is empty but this time the venue was very full and as a result dinner is a less than pleasant experience.

  • Ms. Rachel Beck


    When we arrived at Zen Garden the restaurant had no record of our booking - I think this was their fault, not EatOut\'s, since service was exceptionally bad that day and we had difficulty even making our order understood. But you might want to check on the system and make sure the restaurants you work with actually honor EatOut bookings! Thanks.

  • Ms. Carolyne Njihia


    Excellent food and ambience. However, the prices on food have really hiked up since my last visit there about a year ago. Still, it was a lovely dining experience.

  • Mr. DR. TM James


    they need 2 toilets. Eddie was a Wonderful server & CHARLES the bartender is The Greatest!

  • Ms. Susan Wangai


    As usual, we were not disappointed by the quality of food, the friendly service. It still is one of my most favourite eat outs.

  • Ms. Caroline Nyaga


    The food was great, the service was good and the ambience lovely. It is not a quiet restaurant but it is enjoyable, especially when with a group! Would definitely go back.

  • Mrs. Carole Jones


    It would be helpful if a choice of indoor or outdoor seating could be offered in online reservation.



    An absolutely wonderful experience-loved it!The waiters were courteous,the food was great and the ambiance....magical!

  • Mr. Anir Maru


    good food small portions for the price charged

  • Ms. Bevelyne



  • Mr. Paulo Meireles


  • Mrs. Misbah Kaderdina


    Expected better. Service as a little slow.I expected them to atleast come n wish my husband since I had mentioned it was his birthday. In short I thought the personal touch was lacking. Nice place though

  • Ms. Rakhee Chandaria


    Hi there, service was terrible. It took them over 20 minutes to come and clear the table after our starters, and that was after me having to wave frantically to get some attention. By this point we\'d lost out appetite for the main meal. It\'s a shame the service was so bad, as the food is actually good. I wouldn\'t go back there in a hurry!

  • Mr. Bhadresh Shah


    Lack of warmth

  • Ms. Grace Newton


    My friends and i had come for a birthday dinner and on behalf of all of them....The food was wow and the service was extraordinarily nice...i must continue to say that i have not dined at the bamboo before but watch out for me...I WILL BE BACK SOON.Big up to Kevin our waiter for the night,excellent service and elloquent way of communicating....Keep up the good work

  • Mrs. hina parmar


    food was excelent.Service was average towards good.They ensured my 4yr old son got his meal early.did not use the bathroom.overal we had good time.our guest from uk also enjoyed.Thanks for the discount.hina

  • Mr. Jonah Hadary


    Food came quickly, drinks took a little while.

  • Mr. Nicholas Dear


    Great tasting food but a little on the expensive side

  • Ms. Melanda Schmid


    The reservation was not on file at Bamboo when I arrived -- no problem with the restaurant but there was obviously a problem with the booking confirmation process.

  • Ms. Shalini Srivatsan


    Very very slow and inattentive staff!But everything else was great!

  • Mr. Mikul Shah


    Booked the private dining room. Food was pre-ordered and everything selected was very good. All the guests were impressed.

  • Ms. Anna Othoro


    The high chair supplied was a very uncomfortable fit for the baby. We ended up not using it.

  • Ms. Sonal Shah


    We had the most amazing food and portions were good too...

  • Mr. Tahir Karmali


    The China Town Market was great.

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